LinkedIn has revolutionised the ways businesses are done globally, providing a platform for professionals to network and connect online, create a market for their businesses, themselves, their skill sets, their products and services. LinkedIn gives an opportunity for business development, recruitment, brand promotion, customer engagement and knowledge exchange. Business houses and professionals are therefore using LinkedIn to build a competitive advantage for themselves.

We have designed hands on training workshop to help you harness the power of LinkedIn for you and your business. The workshop enables you to market yourself or your company, increase visibility, build reputation and ultimately get business.

In our one-day LinkedIn Marketing Workshop participants will learn:

  • Introduction to Social Media – Overview and current trends
  • What is LinkedIn and why is it considered to be a key business tool?
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile for yourself and your business – Basics of how it works & advanced ‘must use’ features
  • LinkedIn etiquettes and ground rules
  • Building your networks and engaging your current connections
  • Creating leads and generating sales using LinkedIn ads
  • Customer targeting and prospect building using Advanced Search, applications and tools
  • Managing your LinkedIn profile
  • LinkedIn and legal implications
  • Studying trends and competition on LinkedIn.
  • Achieving your marketing objectives on LinkedIn

Who should attend?

  • HR Professionals & Recruiters
  • PR Professionals
  • Marketers, Advertisers and brand custodians
  • Digital Marketing enthusiasts
  • CXOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Management Students
  • Sales and Business Development professionals

Method of Instruction

The method of instruction for this one day workshop will consist of
– Presentations
– Video tutorials
– Classroom assignments

Support after your training workshops

We provide online training support for two-week post each training course. We also invite you to join our Learning community in order to:

  • Get free e-books, white papers, invitation to webinars and other learning resources
  • Interact with our expert trainers and fellow participants.
  • Get regular updates, tips on how to manage your business on social media platforms
  • Get current global and Indian news on impactful usage of social media across industries.

All participants will be awarded certificates on successful completion of the course.

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