With the constantly growing population of internet users, business houses need to keep their content fresh, interesting, engaging and relevant at all times. It therefore, becomes imperative that website owners find a solution whereby they can manage and update their website on their own. Content Management System (CMS) is a hassle-free solution way of creating, publishing, maintaining and organising a dynamic website.

At WebCobblers, we provide convenient and cost effective CMS services that allow you to keep your website fresh, dynamic and updated to attract and engage your whole customer. We understand your requirements and select and securely install the best Content Management System such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla to make your web portal completely self administrable.

Our CMS will enable you to publish, manage and organise a wide variety of your content on regular basis. You will self sufficiently be able to:

  • Post Blogs
  • Publish Newsletters
  • Manage networking forums
  • Conduct podcasts
  • Upload pictures and videos
  • Receive alerts when contributors add content
  • Edit and integrate content
  • Grant privileges to contributors

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