Web 2.0 platforms are becoming increasingly dynamic and more widely used to drive strategic marketing campaigns. This 2 day intensive master class gives marketers and advertisers a complete overview of all the essential digital marketing platforms, how they can be woven together to build a seamless integrated marketing strategy.

Upon successful completion of this 2 day case-study driven workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Identify the broad scope of digital marketing.
  • Identify and describe social media sites that are pertinent to contemporary marketing
  • Describe how social networking is changing and challenging traditional media formats and non-mass communications.
  • Understand why online social networking can be a valuable tool for business
  • Define exactly how to use specific social networking websites to meet objectives
  • Understand the usage and functionality of acquisition tools (search, display advertising and affiliate marketing.)
  • Leverage RSS feeds, mash ups and social bookmarking
  • Understand how to weave together acquisition and social strategy for organization-wide use.

Who should attend?

  • Marketers, Advertisers and brand custodians
  • Digital Marketing enthusiasts
  • CXOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Web Strategists
  • Management Students

Method of Instruction

The method of instruction for this 2 day workshop will consist of
– Presentations
– Video tutorials
– Classroom assignments

Support after your training workshops

We provide online training support for two-week post each training course. We also invite you to join our Learning community in order to:

  • Get free e-books, white papers, invitation to webinars and other learning resources
  • Interact with our expert trainers and fellow participants.
  • Get regular updates, tips on how to manage your business on social media platforms
  • Get current global and Indian news on impactful usage of social media across industries.

All participants will be awarded certificates on successful completion of the course.

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