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facebook ads vs promoted posts

Agreed – Facebook is a tremendously impactful social platform which not just flocks millions of users for good, but also helps share ideas on a larger scale. Whether it’s promoting a brand, advertising for investors or merging marketing strategies with promotional perks, the networking site indeed offers umpteen opportunities for any business to grow.

But hold on, the concern here is – Will your business make profits or experience broader branding if you follow an organic’ path? Does Facebook allow business owners to interact with their followers unless they say ‘alright, we’re ready to pay’? Well, not really and sure enough – there’s absolutely no doubt that quite a lot of individuals are disappointed with this new paid approach.

However, there are two key methods of advertising your brand on Facebook – the standard Facebook Advertising and the recently introduced Boosted Posts. If the former allows you to test a number of tests, the latter wraps up as a great strategy for promotions, launches and events. So yes, you better go through our detailed analysis of both Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts – after all, you wouldn’t want to wind up with the wrong one in your bucket.

Facebook Ads

  1. Business owners who zero in on generating pretty good of their revenues may easily bet their bottom dollar on Facebook Ads. This advertising method basically enables brands to place paid ads – which are then displayed to their targeted followers.
  2. Since Facebook Advertising focuses a lot on ‘targeted audience,’ you can seamlessly narrow down your audience by using aspects such as location, age, etc. However, please note – the method doesn’t give you any guarantee on clicks.
  3. It’s budget friendly. Although advertising doesn’t stamp on ‘clicks on your ads,’ it allows you to set a budget as low or high as you intend to. The tool, in fact, costs subject to results and helps your brand accomplish your goals by showing your ads to the most appropriate audience.
  4. The method also offers businesses an ability to test a number of ads. However, the disadvantage comes in the form of – spam. Well, though Facebook advertising is a quick way to generate more Likes and targeted ads, it may come across as spam. And since ads are a disruption, some users have found out a few tricks to block these ads.

Boosted Posts

  1. This one lies more somewhere between an advertisement and a standard post. However, it gets two additional brownie points for being ‘straightforward’ and no frills added. With Boosted Posts, you can easily choose the post you want to boost and simply click on the ‘boost’ button.
  2. Boosted Posts is easy to reach your audience and their friends – which is certainly good for any business to flourish. However, it limits the audience by labeling a boosted post as a sponsored post – which would basically make your post restricted to people who like your page and their friends. As a result, your brand may have less impact – and as we all know that a smaller follower base means less influence.
  3. Yes, it is budget friendly too – but there is only a lifetime budget (which is actually as shallow as $5). Nevertheless, Boosted Posts method is simple to launch and is seriously amazing for promotions, launches and events.
  4. Boosted Posts help increase your brand awareness and brings in enhanced interaction from followers. As a result, your business receives more value and achieves more popularity with advertisers. Unlike Facebook Ads which can be missed, this method tends to gobble up to a third of the news feed on Facebook – which is undoubtedly great for any business to flourish and get more noticed.

Well, that’s an overview for you! Both of them embed pros and cons and both of them can work for your business. If Facebook Ads bring access to a broader audience, Boosted Posts are useful for promoting an event or launch.

In a nutshell:

Both of them are good. But, if you have minimal likes, you can get started with Facebook Ads as a way to get more likes and broader audience on Facebook. Once you have acquired a wider audience base, you can simply begin with Boosted Posts as a way to notify about your events, promotional offers, latest news on your brand, etc. However, do keep in mind – your business model and brand goals play a crucial role in what option you should latch onto. So, think wise, choose wiser!


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