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Hashtags are everywhere – well yes, they are pretty much in all quarters and well all over the map. Whether it’s a platform where that little birdie chirps, Instagram, or even Google+, hashtags are far and wide for all the right reasons. After all, they are all-purpose and let people index just about the entire [...]

  Agreed – Facebook is a tremendously impactful social platform which not just flocks millions of users for good, but also helps share ideas on a larger scale. Whether it’s promoting a brand, advertising for investors or merging marketing strategies with promotional perks, the networking site indeed offers umpteen opportunities for any business to grow. [...]

Blogging has a lot of great reasons to have a hands-on. Whether you want to establish yourself as a professional in blogging or intend to add wings to your existing business, blogging has seriously got loads of goodies to share or talk about. But hold on, are you totally a newbie who’s looking for how’s [...]

Talk about evolution in the Web space and SEO stands right up there. Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm, which is designed to promote quality sites has ensured that users get the best possible results for their search. No wonder Google is the preferred Search engine round the globe. Quality testers have provided feedback on the [...]

With social media being seen as the best medium for brands to reach their audience, there are different strategies being implemented to leverage the medium. Some people say Facebook has high ROI, the others argue Twitter is better. LinkedIn apparently is for B2B companies and if this wasn’t enough entered Pinterest to toughen decision making [...]