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It seriously takes a lot for any business endeavor to make a fortune or exert influence on a huge number of followers. You may think your brand or business is hitting the right spots but what you may have been missing out on is – whether you really have a strong social media influence or not? Okay, we get it when you say ‘oh c’mon, there are thousands of followers on Twitter or Facebook Page likes’. But, are you really sure that your social media followers are genuinely interested in what you’ve to offer?

Some people believe that a huge number of followers or likes is a sure-sure way to measure influence. However, it isn’t really always the case (especially, when you need sincere and true followers). So to help you big time there, we have summed up below some of the best tools that could help you measure social media influence and enhance your business as whole. Have a glance!



If you’re pegging away at improving your business volume by a gigantic margin, then Klout is definitely something you should put your bottom dollar on. The social media influence tool basically helps professionals get a score between 1 to100 that shows how influential their brand is. It’s actually like – the greater your score, the more powerful you are. However, what makes Klout tried-and-true is its ability to use more than 400 signals from about eight different social networks of your ring. So yes, it’s sure to help you big by giving you an insight into the reactions your updates get and also by giving you a real score.



Who doesn’t like simplicity blended pretty well with extreme efficacy? Business professionals who generally search for an easier yet more accurate social media influence tool are sure to get excited by Kred. Well, this one is actually a complete tool which not just measures your influence, but also shakes good hands with both Twitter and Facebook. It looks into the frequency of your retweets, replies, follows, mentions – and then announces you a score from 1 to 1000 points. However, the highlight of Kred is its unique feature which helps calculate how much you are interacting with others. Isn’t that great? Ah, we like it!

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This one’s mostly dedicated to bigger companies and huge social media teams. Embedded with a host of great functions, Sprout Social brings your business a comprehensive approach to pulling data from a wide range of social media profiles. The tool helps you get data from your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other networks. In a nutshell, Sprout Social lets you have a good peek at what people are discussing about your brand, who’s genuinely interested in your business, and how exactly your status updates are influencing your followers. So yes, it’s a lot about your social media interactions – a couple of extra brownie points for this one!


Quite a sibling to the one above, PeerIndex is another great tool to measure social media influence. You can actually ride on coattails with this tool – since PeerIndex uses a lot of different signals from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora to calculate your social media influence score. At the same time, it keeps a tab on your shares, mentions and retweets – quite a perk folks!


And like they say, save the best one for the last! So, here’s ViralHeat – an amazingly powerful social media influence tool which helps wrap up the entire monitoring and management task with a cinch. But, what hogs the limelight? Well, it grabs eyeballs for letting you compare your search profiles across the web and social media. You can also track your products and compare social buzz among your competitors’ services or products. Since ViralHeat allows for detailed evaluation, you can easily determine if your brand campaign efforts are hitting the right spot or simply missing the bull’s eye.

So, are you prepared?

Well, we’re done with listing out the best tools that could help you measure your social media influence. While there’s a slew of other social media monitoring tools too, the ones mentioned above will seriously help you become a monitoring maven. Cheers!

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